Terms & Conditions

All images are copyright to My Brother John. My Brother John images, garments and accessories are not permitted to be used in any promotional or marketing material for business purposes unless credit is given and it is clearly stated that the products used were purchased from My Brother John.

My Brother John reserves the right to update any terms or conditions at any time, including those of any promotion or similar. 

Limited Releases

From time to time My Brother John may limit quantities available for sale per person. This aims to give all customers a fair go at purchasing limited styles. Limits vary but are often 1 or 2 garments per style, per customer. Details of any applicable limits will be stated within the description on the product. 

Colours & Display  

My Brother John does their very best to show products and colours as true to real life as possible. Colour display varies from screen to screen and My Brother John therefore cannot guarantee that colours shown on any given screen are true to life. 

International Shipping

Customers outside Australia are liable for any customs and import duty, quotas, permits, product restrictions and other local requirements. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Therefore we suggest that you check the requirements in your country before placing an order. We will not be liable for any custom or import duties.

PLEASE NOTE: All addresses must require a suburb. Please ensure a suburb is on your address NOT city. An example of the correct format is: 125 Seamse Street Everton Hills 4051 QLD

PLEASE NOTE: If you make a mistake with your address, My Brother John is not responsible for changing before shipping your parcel. If you make a mistake with your address we will try and change it on our end but cannot promise this will be actioned before shipping occurs. 

My Brother John does NOT cover the cost of customs fees/ import duties into ANY country. 

My Brother John does NOT accept American Express (AMEX)

Discount Codes 

Discount codes must be placed in the discount box at checkout, not the Gift Card box. Discount codes can not be used to purchase gift cards. One discount code only may be used per transaction per day. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Loyalty Reward discount codes can be used one time only. If the value of the purchase is less than the value of the Loyalty Reward, no change will be given and the remaining amount will be forfeited. Loyalty Reward discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

My Brother John Rewards 

For each purchase you make you will receive 10 tokens for every $1 spent.

Once you receive at least 3000 tokens you are eligible to claim a $30 AUD discount code to use at mybrotherjohn.com. Discount codes are redeemed via the pop up tab on the website. 

Please note the following exclusions to earning tokens.

  • shipping fees and shipping taxes are excluded;
  • any discounts applied in the order are excluded;
  • there is no currency conversions, the earning ratio applies to AUD only
  • when purchasing gift cards points are excluded, however you will gain tokens when orders are purchased using a gift card. 

Discount codes would expire by the end of the 6th month after redemption e.g. if you redeemed a discount code on Nov 15, 2017, the discount code would expire by the end of May 31, 2018.

Tokens would expire according to the following scheme.

Points Earned Period Points to Expire On
Before Jan 1, 2017 Jan 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017 Jan 1, 2019
Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
Jan 1, 2020


Tokens earned from an order may later be subtracted from a member's account under the following conditions:

  • If an order is marked as "canceled" or "voided", all points originally earned for the order will be subtracted.
  • If an order is marked as "refunded" or "partially refunded", then points will be subtracted based on the refunded amount.

My Brother John Rewards are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, can not be refunded, exchanged and are not redeemable for cash, credit or gift card. The code given is a one time discount code and must be inputted in the discount box at checkout. Rewards can not be used towards shipping.

If you make a purchase using a rewards discount code and then wish to return your item, any item in which has used rewards to be purchased is eligible for an exchange only or a refund for the amount paid out of pocket, however tokens will not be re-issued.  

Tokens are not redeemable for cash, credit or gift card once used.


Gift cards will expire one (1) year from the date they are purchased. My Brother John reserves the right to refuse to honour a gift card if it is out of the expiry date. My Brother John gift cards are not redeemable for a cash refund.


No returns on sale items. All sale purchases are final. If product is deemed faulty by My Brother John after purchase, customer service may offer a store credit or refund at their discretion. There are no exchanges for sale items.


Please note, any purchases made through a My Brother John stockist will fall under that stockists' terms and conditions. Any returns from a purchase made through a stockist must be returned to that stockist.


Our Free Shipping on orders over $50 offer applies to Standard Shipping worldwide and is available for a limited time only. Subject to change at MBJs discretion. 

My Brother John Pilot Hat Facebook Competition T&C's:

By participating you (entrant) agree that you have read the Terms and Conditions as outlined.

Entry is open to all residents of Australia and International countries. Employees of My Brother John are ineligible to enter. ‘Pilot Hat Giveaway’ Facebook competition runs from 11:30AM AEST 19/02/18 until 9:00AM AEDT 20/02/19. For the entry to be valid entrant must like and follow My Brother John on Facebook. This is a game of chance winners will be selected at random. The random prize draw will take place at My Brother John HQ at 1/555 Gympie Road Lawnton QLD 4501 (AEST) on Tuesday 20th February 2018.

Entry will be considered invalid, should it:

+ Contain any content that may be considered offensive

+ Reflect negatively on My Brother John

+ Defame, insult or misrepresent an individual or organisation

Entrants consent to My Brother John using their name, likeness, image and entry in the event they are a winner in any media for an unlimited period without remuneration for the purpose of promoting this promotion. The following items will be included in the giveaway:

2 x Pilot Hats in the winner/s size

The total prize is valued at $75.90.

Winners will be contacted with a comment on their winning entry on 20/02/18.

Winners must contact us within 7 days to provide their street address to receive delivery of the prize. Prize will be mailed to the winner within 28 days of receiving their street addresses. Whilst best efforts will be made to contact the winners, in the event that for any reason the winners cannot be notified after reasonable attempts, then the prize will be forfeited by the winner and cash will not be awarded in lieu of the prize. If the prize is unclaimed after three months, it will be redrawn at the same time and place as the original draw and the winner notified by comment on My Brother John Facebook page.

Sizes are not changeable for the winning prize. If this promotion is interfered with in any way or is not capable of being conducted as anticipated due to any reason beyond reasonable control of My Brother John (including but not limited to technical difficulties, unauthorised intervention or fraud) My Brother John reserve the right to (a) disqualify any entrant (b) to modify, suspend, terminate or cancel the promotion. Prize not redeemable for cash or any other products. Prize is non-transferable. Prize will be delivered to the street address of winner. My Brother John is not responsible if the parcel is lost in transit through the mail delivery service. This promotion is not endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook.

BUY ONE GET ONE 70% OFF JEANS AND JOCKEYS PROMO: Buy any pair of jeans or jockeys on www.mybrotherjohn.com and input the discount code 'WARMUP' at checkout to receive your 2nd pair of jeans or jockeys 70% off of equal or lesser value to the other pair. Not in conjunction with any other offer. No price adjustments for previous orders. Only one discount code can be used at checkout at one time. Limited time only. No returns or exchanges on sale items unless deemed faulty by My Brother John. Sale applies to My Brother John Explorer Jeans and My Brother John Arnott Jockeys only. 


Sizing Charts


000 24 CM  25 CM
00 25 CM 29 CM
0 26 CM 33 CM
1 27 CM 37 CM
2 28 CM 40 CM
3 29 CM 42 CM
4 30 CM 44 CM
5 31 CM 46 CM


1 23 CM 49 CM
2 24 CM 54 CM
3 25 CM 59 CM
4 26 CM 64 CM
5 27 CM 69 CM
6 29 CM 74 CM
7 30 CM 79 CM
8 32 CM 82 CM


000 23.5 CM  31.5 CM
00 24.5 CM 33.5 CM
0 25.5 CM 35.5 CM
1 26.5 CM 37.5 CM
2 28.5 CM 39.5 CM
3 30.5 CM 41.5 CM
4 32.5 CM 43.5 CM
5 34.5 CM 45.5 CM
6 36 CM 48 CM
7 38 CM 51 CM
8 40CM 53 CM



000 23 CM  47 CM 38 CM
00 24 CM 54 CM 41 CM
0 25 CM 60 CM 43 CM
1 26 CM 66 CM 45 CM
2 27 CM 72 CM 48 CM
3 28 CM 80 CM 51 CM
4 30 CM 86 CM 55 CM
5 32 CM 92 CM 57 CM


000 23 CM  29 CM
00 24 CM 31 CM
0 25 CM 33 CM
1 26 CM 35 CM
2 27 CM 37 CM
3 29 CM 39 CM
4 31 CM 42 CM
5 33 CM 45 CM


000 27 CM  31 CM
00 28 CM 33 CM
0 29 CM 35 CM
1 30 CM 37 CM
2 31 CM 39 CM
3 32 CM 41 CM
4 33 CM 43 CM
5 34 CM 45 CM
6 36 CM 46 CM
7 37 CM 48 CM
8 38 CM 50 CM


000 27 CM  31 CM
00 28 CM 33 CM
0 29 CM 35 CM
1 30 CM 37 CM
2 31 CM 39 CM
3 32 CM 41 CM
4 33 CM 43 CM
5 34 CM 45 CM
6 36 CM 46 CM
7 37 CM 48 CM
8 38 CM 50 CM


000 18 CM  16 CM
00 19 CM 17 CM
0 20 CM 18 CM
1 21 CM 19 CM
2 22 CM 20 CM
3 23 CM 22 CM


000 22 CM  38 CM
00 24 CM 41 CM
0 26 CM 44 CM
1 28 CM 47 CM
2 30 CM 50 CM
3 32 CM 53 CM


000 21 CM  44 CM
00 23 CM 49 CM
0 25 CM 54 CM
1 27 CM 59 CM
2 29 CM 63 CM
3 31 CM 68 CM
4 33 CM 73 CM
5 35 CM 78 CM


000 23 CM  48 CM
00 24 CM 53 CM
0 25 CM 58 CM
1 26 CM 63 CM
2 28 CM 70 CM
3 30 CM 77 CM
4 32 CM 84 CM
5 34 CM 91 CM


000 23 CM  24 CM
00 24 CM 26 CM
0 25 CM 28 CM
1 26 CM 30 CM
2 27 CM 32 CM
3 28 CM 34 CM


000 19.5 CM  23 CM
00 20.5 CM 24 CM
0 21.5 CM 25 CM
1 22.5 CM 26 CM
2 23.5 CM 27 CM
3 24.5 CM 28 CM
4 25.5 CM 29 CM
5 26.5 CM 30 CM

* If you have any concerns or questions please contact hello@mybrotherjohn.com